Thursday 7 May

Kia ora Whanau/Parents…

Amazing learning…

Our tamariki are doing some amazing learning. I regularly visit rooms and sit alongside the tamariki and it has been a pleasure to chat with them about their learning and see the great things they are doing. Taking a visiting family around today they remarked on the settled learning atmosphere and how the tamariki were so well engaged in their learning. Every group of tamariki gave a friendly greeting to our visitors as well. The Education Review Office Team also highlighted the strong learning culture and support through Redwood School.

As you will see in this newsletter our Tamariki did very well at a recent interschool problem solving competition, EPro8 Challenge. In this Science/Technology team challenge Reddie 1 came 1st and Reddie 2 came 2nd against ten other schools, including some very well-known private schools. The venue was at Cobham Intermediate. What stood out was both teams exhibited great teamwork, whereas the opposition teams weren’t as cohesive. This really relates back to all the work we have done over recent years with our Reddie Learner values and PB4L (Positive Behaviours for Learning). Well done to both teams of four… read more about this in our newsletter.

Developing empathy and support in our tamariki… Pink Shirt Day

Primarily a day to spotlight bullying, Pink Shirt Day also has the important goal of developing positive child and adult attitudes towards accepting and including others different to ourselves. The element of empathy is so important in this. Pink Shirt Day spotlights the need to show empathy and understanding for others. The ‘old’ word for this is compassion… atawhai or tautoko… support. These are very important for children and adults alike.

 Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa.        Let us keep close together, not far apart.

At home, talk to your tamariki about respecting and supporting others, one of Redwood School’s key values, and having empathy and compassion for others. As adults it is so important to role-model this even though others may sorely try us at times. By role-modelling positive behaviours you are reinforcing such important messages for your tamariki. It’s not easy sometimes, but we have to match words to actions. As adults, even if we disagree, we must role-model positive resolution or compromise. If we do this we stay together and relationship is less likely to be damaged or broken.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Pink Shirt Day. See our article later in our newsletter.

School Rebuild/Redevelopment… another update

This really has been a frustrating process. Just as well we know that although nice teaching spaces will be great, it’s the quality of what goes on inside them that is most important! The tamariki and community in Redwood are very fortunate to have such a great team of teachers/kaiako and support staff/kaiawhina working in the school.

The old saying that ‘patience is a virtue’ has had to be applied by Board, Principal, staff and community at Redwood School with regard to our redevelopment. We have worked hard behind the scenes to get the best school redevelopment/rebuild deal we can for our tamariki and community. We are very aware that decisions made now will impact the community and its tamariki for many years to come.

Now, with the latest timeline update from the Ministry of Education, it looks like our rebuild/redevelopment originally scheduled for end of 2017 will actually begin in 2019.

We will keep you up to date regarding the school redevelopment on a regular basis. Keep and eye out for opportunities to have input to this, starting later this term, as we develop more detailed plans. 

John Stackhouse